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Lampasas Middle School

Lampasas Middle School

Counselor's Corner

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902 South Broad
Lampasas, TX  76550

512-556-4118 (fax)
Guidance and counseling services are available at Lampasas Middle School. 
The counselor provides assistance in helping students grow in a number of areas, including academics, work habits, decision-making skills, and effective interpersonal relationships.
For further information, contact one of our counselors.

   Meet the LMS Counselors:     

Courtney young Jera Freeman Jennifer CHAPPELL GAYLORD
6th Grade, Class of 2030
RTI Coordinator/Grades Clerk
Jera Freeman 
8th Grade, Class of 2028
Testing Coordinator/Military Liasion
Jennifer Chappell
7th Grade, Class of 2029
Scheduling/Master Schedule
Wendy Gaylord
PEIMS/Counselor Secretary
 PEIMS Coding and Reporting
Student Records/TREx
Family Access